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Dr. Harvey Karp offers detailed advice on the proper way to swaddle a child, the difference between a gentle rocking versus shaking and more. According to Karp, virtually all babies will respond to these strategies although some trial and error may be needed to find the most effective calming method.

Buy the DVD instead
11th August, 2011 
I had a friend loan me this book. It was big and bulky, and couldn't seem to find the time to read it. When my son was born, and didn't sleep at all, I looked for a solution. I found the DVD Happiest Baby on the Block and sent it to myself overnight. My son was sleeping like a much better baby just by doing the very simple techniques demonstrated in the video. He went from waking every two hours, to sleeping six hours straight. I could also calm him down in an instant. I HIGHLY recommend this DVD.
An easy read to prepare for those first few months
23rd June, 2008 
I'm expecting my first, and as an avid reader I've gone a bit overboard reading everything available. My partner isn't much of a reader though, so when he asked for one book (not too thick) to read while traveling this is the one I chose. He started before he left and commented that he enjoyed reading it and that it gave him things he felt he could do for the baby too. This book came highly recommended and is a must before the baby is born. I don't imagine there will be as many chances to absorb anything at all once I have a newborn demanding attention! My library has plenty of copies too.
Happiest Parents on the Block
20th July, 2010 
We've all gone through it in the first 8 weeks after childbirth (and longer for many!). It's 2am and with a glazed manic look in your eyes, you are skimming through countless baby advice books spead across the bed. In the background is a screaming, inconsolable feels like the crying will never end! I swear, as soon as someone recommended Harvey Karp's book, Happiest Baby on the Block, we finally found our "saviour". The 5 S system that he recommends really works: shushing, swaddling, swinging...I can't even remember the other two now, because we had so much success with his first three steps. We recommended this book to so-o-o many other friends and it has been a lifesaver to countless new parents. When we have our second, I guarantee that I will be re-reading this book from cover to cover.

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