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The Bumbo Baby Sitter is a revolutionary concept with worldwide patent rights, uniquely designed to seat babies independently in an upright sitting position, from as young as 3 months up to an age of approximately 14 months depending on the individual development of the child.  Endorsed by Pediatric and Orthopedic Facilities.

Best Seat For Our Little Guy
14th February, 2012 
I’ll preface this review by saying that the Bumbo is definitely not for all babies, but it was a compete lifesaver for us. We took it almost everywhere with us. Our little guy wasn’t overly chubby, so he fit into it perfectly and it supported him when he had just learned to sit up. I love how portable it is and easy to clean. We would put it on the floor and our son would sit happily playing with his toys. We were quite sad when he outgrew it. Would be great if they had different sizes, perhaps one for older kids.
Bumbo Jumbo
15th August, 2011 
My son absolutely hated sitting in this thing. He's a pretty active little guy - as many boys tend to be - and to me it seemed like, precisely what it is designed to do - gently keep a child in place with its soft, ridged sides and deep seat - is what made him so agitated about it. He couldn't get in an out of it at will. And it drove him crazy. The distress the very sight of it eventually inspired was enough for me to hide, and finally get rid of, it. SO: if you have a similarly determined, wanderlust driven child, think twice.
Waste of time, money and effort
15th December, 2008 
Right then - to be clear - this was a gift. Maybe I was just too dim to figure out when to use this piece of high-density foam. To me it is one of those items that seems like a brilliant idea but just isn't worth the effort. My son tried it a couple of times and made it very clear that he'd rather park his butt on the hard floor than spend any time in this thing. It looks cool. It's a clever design. And if pigs had wings...well, you get my point.
Glad I didn't buy it!
20th July, 2010 
We have 2 of these on loan from friends - one at our house, one at Grandma's. Our daughter could hold her head up almost immediately so we thought she'd enjoy this, but nope! When she was starting to sit up she didn't like being in it for more than a couple of minutes. Then once she started sitting and rolling over, forget it...she had no use for this seat and easily wriggled out. My daughter is not "big" by any means, but I found the removable tray never fit comfortably onto the seat when she was in always seemed to squish her in. With the fairly hefty price tag, I'm so glad we didn't buy this product. I would definitely recommend borrowing one and testing it out before purchasing. Even then, I don't think these seats have a very long life span.
A must have!
11th July, 2008 
I bought the lime green bumbo with tray brand new on Ebay when my son was 8 weeks old. We put him in it immediately. Since he could already hold his head up on his own, the Bumbo helped him in a sitting position. He is five months old now and still loves it. He eats in it three times a day and we take the Bumbo with us to restaurants and friends' houses. He loves to sit up and play with toys while watching everyone in the room. We really do not use the tray that much and in retrospect I would not have purchased the tray. We were at a friends' house the other day and their daughter is two days older than my son and they tried putting her in the Bumbo to see if she likes it. She absolutely hated it and tried wiggling out. My suggestion is putting your baby in the Bumbo once they can hold up their head on their own and they will love it. Waiting until a baby is older is probably not the best time to try a Bumbo. We love this!
Good idea but not perfect
9th April, 2008 
I loved this seat when I bought it for my kids because they could sit in it at an early age. The first problem was both of my boys had very chubby legs so they would get stuck. The second problem was that they got mad sitting in it because there are no toys attached and nothing to do. It sat in my basement and noone touched it because my kids didn't like it. I thought it was a good idea but a boucy seat worked best for my kids.
Great Chair
28th February, 2008 
My son really enjoyed this little chair, from about 3-6 months old he sat in it and played with his toys for about 1/2 hour at a time. Plus it's very convenient to take to friends houses so there's a place for baby to sit when you have to feed them versus using your stroller, the bumbo is so easy to clean, light weight and pretty!
Not worth it
I received the Bumbo as a gift and I really wish I had asked for the receipt. My baby (4 mos) does not like it at all. She tries to squirm out as soon as she is in it and screams when you try to attach the tray. It is an expensive gift so if you are buying it for someone, make sure they've given it a test run at a friend's place or in the store. On the upside, it is very easy to clean so if the baby likes it great! Another reviewer said her baby spits up after being in the chair or while in the chair - I also found this. Maybe it's from being in a position that the baby is not used to? In any event, at least it's easy to clean if soiled.
An Amazing Seat
20th November, 2007 
I loved the bumbo chair my son used it all the time and it was even handier when they come out with the tray to go on it. The only down side is I thought it was a touch pricy but thank goodness it was a gift. We intend to use it for our next baby also.
Love it!
11th November, 2007 
We totally love our Bumbo Seat, we take it everywhere we go. My son can sit in it for ling periods of time as long as his toys are near by. I put a small box filled with toys in front of him and he keeps busy emptying out he box. I sit him outside of the kitchen and bathroom when I'm cleaning them. Its great. The only complaint I have is the price. $60 is ridiculous. It was a Baby Shower gift. I don't know if I would have paid that much myself.

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