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Offering stylish, fresh and affordable apparel and accessories for all seasons, the Joe Fresh® brand is accessible, of-the-moment style. With collections for men, women and children, this label is designed to solve your family’s fashion needs.

Unbeatable for inexpensive basics and stylish extras.
12th October, 2012 
I find it amazing that it’s possible to make such lovely clothing for such an inexpensive price. This is a great source for basics such as t-shirts, sleepers, bibs, socks and receiving blankets. They also make some wonderfully stylish fashion items that are among my daughter’s nicest clothes. We bought a Burberry trench coat for $28 – amazing. The clothes have nice details too – such as cheerful patterned linings. Unbeatable for the price and convenience of purchasing while you are grocery shopping.
fab clothes for great prices
I love Joe Fresh. Their baby stuff is super cute and very affordable. Just got a black pea coat for my son, which is very hard to find elsewhere (hard to find black baby clothes).
Get thee to Loblaw
15th December, 2008 
Please note: This review is provided by a stay-at-home dad and not a young one either. There should be a special place in Hell for children's clothing designers who think plackets (a slit or other opening in an item of clothing, to allow access to pockets or fastenings) are a clever idea. It's hard enough getting a squirmy one-year old dressed never mind trying to insert tab A in slot B.. Please people - BIG buttons and BIGGER holes. Leave your couture to the adult world. That's only part of the reason I LOVE the Joe Fresh line at Loblaw. From sleepers to jumpers to anything you can think of this line is priced right, it provides a fashionable alternative to the much more pricy items from many other retailers, the selection is superb, the sizing is real, the quality is excellent - o.k., so a couple of buttons on one piece came off in the laundry - no biggy. Have to also mention that it is darn convenient to be able to pick up clothing items while you're snagging a loaf of brown WonderBread+ too and the really yummy little fresh cheese/yogurty things that Loblaw have in its private label line. Will admit that Joe Fresh is not the only clothing my son wears but close to it. AND - his Nana loves it too so he gets completely spoiled with lots of treats everytime he visits Nana or when she comes to visit.

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