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Feeling like yourself during pregnancy is no mean feat, especially when it comes to maintaining your trusted style. But who says you have to pack away your favourite blazer or jean jacket? Keeping in mind the principles of comfort, cut, and fabric – our editors have picked their Top 10 favourite looks for this season!


Skinny stretch jeans and oversized white shirt (photo:rainy day women tumblr)

A Rockin Striped Cotton Shirt (photo:

amymichelle’s Gladiola Bag (photo:amazon)

A Handy Accessory – Virginia Johnson Scarf (


Thyme Maternity’s Straight Leg Maternity Jean


Maternal America’s Kelly Jacket


Swedish Hasbeens – Cute Red Peep Toe Pump


Best Ever Drawstring Pants (photo: Gap Maternity)


Jean Jacket Coolness (photo: Gap Maternity)


The Perfect Evening Shirt Dress (Photo: Hatch Maternity)


For more wardrobe inspiration, visit babycentre and our pinterest maternity page

2nd March, 2013

It seems fitting that while we are all caught up in the Olympic frenzy, we would bring to you news that one of the world’s most luxurious diaper bag lines – born in Britain, our Olympic host country – is now available in North America.

While diaper bags have become more and more stylish, no brand has captured the essence of true luxury and stunning elegance like SugarJack.  Launched in 2011 by two dads with an established background in high-end fashion accessories and packaging design, they knew exactly where to start. They put their heads together and, with the help of the UK’s foremost handbag designer, created this outstanding selection of effortlessly chic and functional baby bags.

The Oliver Bag from SugarJack

Even though the prices can be a bit gulp-worthy (ranging from $349.00 to $619.00), they represent a true long-term investment.  The complete lining unit housing the pockets and essentials for all baby-changing requirements can easily be removed leaving just the second luxurious inner lining. And constructed with such sumptuous materials, hardware details and quality workmanship – this diaper bag transforms into a fashionable handbag that you’ll be dying to show off.

SugarJack high style diaper bag

The Rebecca Winter White Leather and Canvas Tote


In a final nod to luxury design, SugarJack has attended to every detail which means your bag purchase includes a high grade changing mat, a bottle warmer, and two utility pouches/purses. It also arrives in a “keepsake” box that can be re-used to store treasured items and an eco-friendly bamboo Dust bag, which has been designed to be used as a lovely tote shopping bag, or an extremely practical laundry bag for the nursery.

Sugar Jack Keepsake Box

This is truly a sweet treat for the new mom (although, with such great designs, we’ve contemplated purchasing them for ourselves!).

The Holly Leather Sling Bag

Sugar Jack Lily Bag

The Lily Leather Tote

Everyone has their own unique vision of what their delivery day will look like – for me it definitely included not sharing my naked backside with the world at large. I remember while in the throes of labour, being passed two enormous old hospital gowns to slip into, one with the strings to the front, one with the strings to the back, just to keep everything under wraps. Honestly, with everything else you have to think about in preparation for the big day – what you’re wearing shouldn’t be one of them.

The clever team at Gownies have figured this out. With Cameron Diaz and Elizabeth Banks sporting their gorgeous delivery gowns in “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”, gownies have become quite the rage. And why not, they look great. Made of 100% cotton or organic cotton, they come in three generously cut sizes — so you’re comfortable, not swimming in material. Simple snaps don the back and front shoulder panels for easy access and breastfeeding. You can even get matching pillow cases.

Our favourite is the black & white organic cotton Ella, with just a shot of raspberry color on the trim. But not to worry, with fourteen different designs, there’s something for everyone!






Elizabeth Banks in the Nicole Gownie in “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”


Have one? Write A Review and tell others what you think.

You can purchase Gownie designs at and keep up with all baby things hip and happening at Rachel Florio-Urso

20th June, 2012

Even mothers who feel comfortable nursing everywhere and anywhere find times when they wish they’d worn a different shirt, or figured out how not to end up half naked on a park bench. For others, a little privacy and quiet time go a long way, especially if baby is fidgety and easily distracted.

OhBabyChic Nursing Cover to the rescue. And chic it is –the collection includes 4 gorgeous prints and colors, each one with its own unique vibe: Hawaii, Jamaica, Los Angeles, and New York. Made from 100% breathable cotton, the contoured cover fits perfectly, with an adjustable strap and reinforced neckline for privacy and a view of baby. Another bonus –the lightweight fabric can be folded easily into your purse or diaper bag.

With such stylish options to choose from, you may never have to worry about breastfeeding wardrobe malfunctions again!

$49.00 at Ohbabychic


Hawaii Nursing Cover


Jamaica Nursing Cover Print


New York Nursing Cover Print

Check out this lovely piece of film that is less a commercial and more of a soaring 2 minute tribute to moms around the globe, fittingly enough, produced by Proctor & Gamble, one of the world’s largest packaged goods companies who has benefited from the patronage of moms for decades.  I’ve watched this several times over the past week and I’m always left with a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat.

This heartfelt thank you letter is something every mom needs to watch, especially if you’re having one of those tough days.  This will remind you that each and every one of us truly does have the “best job” in the world. Enjoy!!

2nd December, 2011

If the flurry of new kids products hitting the market this season makes you dizzy, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to lay a little bit of shopping love on you with our newly launched Family Gift Guide.  We’ve scoured through our favourite products this year and compiled Top 10 lists for everyone on your list: Mom, Dad, and the Kids. We’ve even included a few helpful ideas for great gifts under $25. There’s a mix of stuff, from good ol’ classics, to a few new and noteworthy finds. Just the right amount of inspiration to get you started.

And to make things even easier – all products in the guide link through to an on-line retailer for easy and instant shopping.

Have Fun!  Family Gift Guide


A sneak peek at what’s inside:

Walking the ABC Kids Expo in September, this booth was one of the first to catch our eye (who doesn’t love a new purse?). Amy Michelle has just unveiled their hip new line of go-totes — a purse and diaper bag all-in-one, for the ultimate baby tote. These bags are specifically designed to transition between working, traveling, running errands, changing diapers, or even an evening out.

The bags are roomy inside and include lots of compartments to keep yourself organized. Features include: bottle holders, a washable changing pad, stroller attachments, internal and external pockets, a quick-release pacifier holder and larger compartment for diapers and wipes.  They also have a bright anti-microbial lining that keeps the contents clean and easy to find.

Amy, co-founder of Amy Michelle, took us on a tour of the “one bag does it all” collection.

Gladiola Bag - $99.95

Iris Bag - $99.95

Madison Bag - $54.95

Sweet Pea Bag - $134.95

14th September, 2011

In contrast with 5, 10 and 20 years ago, maternity fashions have come a long way with fashion brands and designers creating tons of beautiful pieces for the mom-to-be.  Unfortunately, many of these items come with a hefty price tag that even the most diehard fashionista will have a hard time justifying knowing that the investment may only have a shelf-life of nine months, tops.

Enter, Mine for Nine, a website that touts itself as the maternity walk-in closet for the professional woman. How it works is that, instead of investing in an exquisite business suit or fantastic cocktail dress for $250, you borrow it from for as little as $62. You’ll probably spend the same amount of money on maternity wear throughout the duration of your pregnancy, but you get more of a selection and can vary your wardrobe every month if you choose…and as your size changes. Plus, if you find something you truly love, they have an option to let you purchase some items outright.

Featuring current, trendy designers like Hatch, Jules and Jim, Mama Apple and Seraphine, you’ll be able to look and feel beautiful throughout the duration of your pregnancy.  And, as an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about what to do with all of those maternity outfits once your new bundle of joy arrives.

10th January, 2011

Mere words cannot describe my absolute reverence for anything textile and fashion designer Virginia Johnson creates. Pregnant, post partum, or just you–her scarves, flowing tops, dresses and bags are standout accessories. The camel scarf, made from 100% merino wool, is one of my favourites. Perfect for a cool summer evening.

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