Feeling like yourself during pregnancy is no mean feat, especially when it comes to maintaining your trusted style. But who says you have to pack away your favourite blazer or jean jacket? Keeping in mind the principles of comfort, cut, and fabric – our editors have picked their Top 10 favourite looks for this season!


Skinny stretch jeans and oversized white shirt (photo:rainy day women tumblr)

A Rockin Striped Cotton Shirt (photo:

amymichelle’s Gladiola Bag (photo:amazon)

A Handy Accessory – Virginia Johnson Scarf (


Thyme Maternity’s Straight Leg Maternity Jean


Maternal America’s Kelly Jacket


Swedish Hasbeens – Cute Red Peep Toe Pump


Best Ever Drawstring Pants (photo: Gap Maternity)


Jean Jacket Coolness (photo: Gap Maternity)


The Perfect Evening Shirt Dress (Photo: Hatch Maternity)


For more wardrobe inspiration, visit babycentre and our pinterest maternity page

To say that I am a fan of the Canadian textile designer Virginia Johnson would be a gross understatement. Her entire collection of scarves, bags, bedding, pillows and jackets all carry her signature style of colourful and whimsical prints. Each piece a work of art.

And while this blog post may seem a little premature, given the snow is only just melting — I couldn’t resist. Baby’s First Bikini pants in lightweight cotton and available in a variety of colours and prints.

Who wouldn’t welcome such a stylish sign of spring?


Bikini -100% cotton $40




For more on Virginia Johnson, check out our 2011 blog post: Cool Styles For Mom


2nd March, 2013

With Fall just around the corner, many of us wanderlusters are looking for ways to hang onto that sense of summer adventure and discovery. Even a favored item of clothing does the trick (just ask my 7 year old, who has been wearing his tie-dye t-shirt non-stop!).

These hip designs for kids from Mixed Up Clothing are chock-full of that great summer vibe. Inspired by textiles, people and cultures around the globe, designer and owner Sonia Kang blends together a diverse sense of colour and pattern for little outfits with high personality and appeal. The line includes rompers, tanks, dresses, pants and a gorgeous little jumpsuit. Even better, the infant sizes have a snap closure at the bottom for easy changing.

Have fun Mixing It Up!



Infant Girl Romper – Piñata


Capris – African Beat


Strappy Romper – White Papel Bonito


Pant Jumpsuit – Pink Marigold


Check out Mixed Up Clothing on facebook and keep up with all baby things hip and happening at Rachel Florio-Urso

It seems fitting that while we are all caught up in the Olympic frenzy, we would bring to you news that one of the world’s most luxurious diaper bag lines – born in Britain, our Olympic host country – is now available in North America.

While diaper bags have become more and more stylish, no brand has captured the essence of true luxury and stunning elegance like SugarJack.  Launched in 2011 by two dads with an established background in high-end fashion accessories and packaging design, they knew exactly where to start. They put their heads together and, with the help of the UK’s foremost handbag designer, created this outstanding selection of effortlessly chic and functional baby bags.

The Oliver Bag from SugarJack

Even though the prices can be a bit gulp-worthy (ranging from $349.00 to $619.00), they represent a true long-term investment.  The complete lining unit housing the pockets and essentials for all baby-changing requirements can easily be removed leaving just the second luxurious inner lining. And constructed with such sumptuous materials, hardware details and quality workmanship – this diaper bag transforms into a fashionable handbag that you’ll be dying to show off.

SugarJack high style diaper bag

The Rebecca Winter White Leather and Canvas Tote


In a final nod to luxury design, SugarJack has attended to every detail which means your bag purchase includes a high grade changing mat, a bottle warmer, and two utility pouches/purses. It also arrives in a “keepsake” box that can be re-used to store treasured items and an eco-friendly bamboo Dust bag, which has been designed to be used as a lovely tote shopping bag, or an extremely practical laundry bag for the nursery.

Sugar Jack Keepsake Box

This is truly a sweet treat for the new mom (although, with such great designs, we’ve contemplated purchasing them for ourselves!).

The Holly Leather Sling Bag

Sugar Jack Lily Bag

The Lily Leather Tote

Summer can be almost as gruelling a season for lugging around kids stuff as winter. Aside from the packing and unpacking of beach bags, there is also the constant in and out of the car, complete with wet bathing suits and sandy clothing. For this reason, any product that makes things a little easier goes a long way.

Hoodebaby Warmwear is all that and more. The one-size fits all hooded wrap is great for babies, toddlers and older kids. Designed as an alternative to a coat or jacket, it simplifies things when you’re on the move. Crafted from micro fleece, it’s an incredibly easy (and cozy) on-off concept: perfect just out of the bath, after swimming, as a blanket, even babywearing!

And lest we forget, with nine stylish patterns to choose from — it’s downright gorgeous too!


Hoodebaby Giveaway! Value: $60

How to win? It’s easy, write a review of any product on the babyscoop. Winners are chosen randomly. Contest runs Monday July 9th – Monday July 16th at 12pm. We will select our winner on July 17th after 11pm EST.

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Hoodebaby in teal pom pom



Hoodebaby styles



Hoodebaby back


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Everyone has their own unique vision of what their delivery day will look like – for me it definitely included not sharing my naked backside with the world at large. I remember while in the throes of labour, being passed two enormous old hospital gowns to slip into, one with the strings to the front, one with the strings to the back, just to keep everything under wraps. Honestly, with everything else you have to think about in preparation for the big day – what you’re wearing shouldn’t be one of them.

The clever team at Gownies have figured this out. With Cameron Diaz and Elizabeth Banks sporting their gorgeous delivery gowns in “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”, gownies have become quite the rage. And why not, they look great. Made of 100% cotton or organic cotton, they come in three generously cut sizes — so you’re comfortable, not swimming in material. Simple snaps don the back and front shoulder panels for easy access and breastfeeding. You can even get matching pillow cases.

Our favourite is the black & white organic cotton Ella, with just a shot of raspberry color on the trim. But not to worry, with fourteen different designs, there’s something for everyone!






Elizabeth Banks in the Nicole Gownie in “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”


Have one? Write A Review and tell others what you think.

You can purchase Gownie designs at and keep up with all baby things hip and happening at Rachel Florio-Urso

20th June, 2012

Even mothers who feel comfortable nursing everywhere and anywhere find times when they wish they’d worn a different shirt, or figured out how not to end up half naked on a park bench. For others, a little privacy and quiet time go a long way, especially if baby is fidgety and easily distracted.

OhBabyChic Nursing Cover to the rescue. And chic it is –the collection includes 4 gorgeous prints and colors, each one with its own unique vibe: Hawaii, Jamaica, Los Angeles, and New York. Made from 100% breathable cotton, the contoured cover fits perfectly, with an adjustable strap and reinforced neckline for privacy and a view of baby. Another bonus –the lightweight fabric can be folded easily into your purse or diaper bag.

With such stylish options to choose from, you may never have to worry about breastfeeding wardrobe malfunctions again!

$49.00 at Ohbabychic


Hawaii Nursing Cover


Jamaica Nursing Cover Print


New York Nursing Cover Print

30th April, 2012

The Abi Chronicles: Guest Blog



In the past month or so, Sheba has started to love clothes. I don’t mean the ‘let’s brush each other’s hair and try on outfits’ sort of infant clothes-loveage that mothers of daughters dream about.

I mean, first thing in the morning she leaps up and down in her cot, yelling to be released upon her shelves so that she can lovingly don (and it’s all I can do not to echo the cadences of A Very Hungry Caterpillar here): one ‘T’-shirt, a better ‘T’-shirt, a long-sleeved sweat, a cotton smock or four, and finally a nice, green swimsuit. Just to pull it all together.

Then – ‘Quick Mum: I need them now’ – it’s several necklaces: the noisy kind. With knots in them, flapper-style. And ‘Age of Aquarius’ leather pendants, complete with padded hearts, courtesy of her good buddy Sumi from down the street.

That’s the top half. Next come the bottoms. Red-Superman-Charlie-Knickers please (knickers is underwear for North Americans – and she’s still not settled into one culture because, at three, she and her kind haven’t settled onto Planet Earth: can we just face it?).

Then it’s PJ bottoms, a pair (or two) of leggings. (‘Mummy you’re grabbing. Don’t grab Mummy, these are MY clothes’.) Some jeans. Some legwarmers. More jeans.

We let her just go for it, completely unfettered, until about a week ago. Debates started forming in my mind, and they covered a wide range of complex topics.

Here are three:

1)    Does it exploit underpaid daycare workers to force them to plough through seven layers of textiles so my daughter can pee? (Yes.)

2)    Is it unfair of us to cultivate in Sheba a sense of blue-sky sartorial freedom when, truth is, she lives in a cruelly norm-enforcing world wherein more than two pairs of pants categorizes you as socially marginal? (Yes.)

3)    Is it, on the other hand, unfair to deprive her of her last couple of years of not having to choose between the pink corduroy and the stripey Velour but having it all, dammit! For maybe the last time in her life, unless she ends up a teenage fashion blogger. (Yes).

See the dilemma?


About The Abi Chronicles:

As our in-house blogger, Abi reports on the full spectrum of parenting – from the searching, essential questions to the quirkier territory all families sometimes inhabit.

Anyone who has grappled in the dark dead of night with a newborns buttons or snaps, will rest at the feet of Magnificent Baby. They have designed a very cute line of clothes for babies, that just happens to be incredibly functional too!. Instead of  buttons, snaps or velcro tabs, they have used hidden magnetic fasteners. Made of super soft 100% combed cotton, their collection includes gowns, cardigans, bibs, blankets, a kimono set, and the burrito onesie (my favourite!). They call it the burrito because you open the onesie, insert your favorite ingredients (baby), and close the two flaps in seconds. Sounds like the recipe for a very happy baby (and parents)!

Check out the babyScoop’s personal demo at the ABC Kids Expo:



Above: Gown For Newborn


Above: Unisex Gown and Hat

Above: Bib


Above: The Onesie "Burrito"


Above: Newborn Solid Footie



Everyone seems to be launching a vintage line these days, but no one can lay claim to Canadian Heritage quite like the Hudson’s Bay Company. Canada’s Company of Adventurer’s have been churning out fashionable striped products for over 300 years, and now their gorgeous collection includes a line for babies and kids. We love how the stripes can create a look that is slightly retro and contemporary at the same time.

Image Source: Mjolk via Remodelista

Hudson enjoy his Hudson’s Bay blanket. Photographer: Megan Battersby.

HBC Knit Sweater for Infants -$50.00

HBC Extra-Thick Striped Towel $40.00

HBC Collection Tote $50.00

HBC Multi-coloured Knit Teddy Bear $30.00

13th October, 2011

With such a beautiful Fall, it’s easy to feel like the cooler temperatures will never arrive. But with winter creeping toward us, it’s time to start digging out all of the cosy covers we can find. Far better than blankets, bunting bags keep baby warm without the hassle of falling blankets, naked feet, or cold air seeping in. Even better, they are multi-purpose, adapting to a car seat, stroller, or portable playmat. Talk about getting your money’s worth!

Elks and Angels Snuggle Pod

Above: Founded by an Australian mum and dad based out of New York City, Elks & Angels uses the softest, highest quality Australian sheepskin for the Snuggle Pod.  Universal design will fit most strollers, carry cots and car seats. Available from Elks & Angels for US$249 plus shipping.

Above: RoSK cold weather pouch $68.00

Just released in September at the ABC Kids Expo, the RoSK cold weather pouch is a super plush, high quality, stylish cover that you can attach over any front carrier, stroller or car seat.  Designed to keep babies extra toasty in colder weather with thick plush fabric on the inside, and a weather-proof outer shell. Deep pockets to keep hands warm, snap tabs fit Baby Bjorn or Ergo style carriers. Nylon back is water resistant and blocks wind, snow and rain. Perfect!

Above: 7. A.M Enfant Extendable Baby Bunting Bag $190.00

14th September, 2011

In contrast with 5, 10 and 20 years ago, maternity fashions have come a long way with fashion brands and designers creating tons of beautiful pieces for the mom-to-be.  Unfortunately, many of these items come with a hefty price tag that even the most diehard fashionista will have a hard time justifying knowing that the investment may only have a shelf-life of nine months, tops.

Enter, Mine for Nine, a website that touts itself as the maternity walk-in closet for the professional woman. How it works is that, instead of investing in an exquisite business suit or fantastic cocktail dress for $250, you borrow it from for as little as $62. You’ll probably spend the same amount of money on maternity wear throughout the duration of your pregnancy, but you get more of a selection and can vary your wardrobe every month if you choose…and as your size changes. Plus, if you find something you truly love, they have an option to let you purchase some items outright.

Featuring current, trendy designers like Hatch, Jules and Jim, Mama Apple and Seraphine, you’ll be able to look and feel beautiful throughout the duration of your pregnancy.  And, as an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about what to do with all of those maternity outfits once your new bundle of joy arrives.

5th August, 2011

It was only a matter of time before a smart parent (or insightful entrepreneur) took advantage of the insight behind the Netflix model and applied it to something in the baby category.

Plum is a subscription service that lets you get high quality, boutique baby clothes in the sizes you need (including brands like Egg Baby, Kate Quinn Organics, Petit Bateau and Tea Collection).  When your little one outgrows them, you just send them back for a replacement set of stylish duds.  Clothes can be returned once every 30 days in an eco-friendly, reusable package made of backpacking material.

And, as a special touch, every bundle is packed with a sprig of organic lavender in a muslin pouch. Nice.

18th April, 2011

Now this is what I call a quality baby blanket. Brahms Mount has used their background in textile manufacturing to create a crib blanket that is not only drop dead gorgeous, but is made from the softest, thickest natural cotton ever. Their heavy weight means you can use them all year round. Your baby’s first heirloom piece perhaps?

The Padraig Slipper, handmade in British Columbia from all natural materials, is perfect for babies, kids and I bet you’ll be wanting a pair just for you.  The 100% pure wool uppers are hand dyed to get the unique range of Padraig colours and all slippers are hand crocheted by local artisans.  With a cozy sheepskin liner and non-slip leather soles, these are sure to keep your toes warm even as the deep chill of winter sets in.  You may even be sorry to see spring arrive this year.

This line of t-shirts, bags and baseball caps from the trendy Toronto clothing designers at Red Canoe, definitely fits under the my-kid-is-cooler-than-school category. The apparel uses old brand logos and icons from Canadian companies that harken back to the mid-century pioneering days of aviation.

I’d like to think that I’m impervious to this kind of retro appeal, but the couple of pieces I bought for my 5 year old boy are at the top of his favourite clothing list. He would likely wear them every day if allowed and I have to admit – it’s a pretty good look he’s got going; so much so that that after “borrowing” his expandable “Air Service” baseball cap, I finally went out and bought one for myself and a couple of t-shirts as well.

There is also a line of bags and small duffels designed with a rough utility look, using historic insignia from the RCMP; it gives the whole thing enough of a masculine appeal that you can put it to use as a diaper bag. Dad can carry this one down the street without the downward looking shuffle of shame I have seen displayed by the unfortunate partner who is tasked with carrying the quilted, flower-print baby bag.

If you can find any of these Red Canoe lines, pick up a couple for the little guy and yourself – you’ll always get your man.

Posted by: Patrick Dickinson

7th November, 2009

It took me all of three seconds to decide my little guy had to have these runners. Had they had them in adult sizes, i might have splurged for myself as well. Nice thick soles and soft brown leather uppers with a nifty rubber toe bumper. My 4 year old just started jk and despite the fact that his teacher encouraged velcro tabs (whatever happened to learning to tie one’s laces??), i went for the good ol’ fashioned lace-up. And guess what? He loves them. The company, Morgan & Milo of Boston, focuses on fashionable footware for boys and girls. And at $30-55 a crack they’re entirely worth it!

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