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2nd February, 2012
Sleep Tight With Nook Pebble Lite

With babies spending 2/3 of their first year sleeping, few things are as important as a really good mattress. Nook has clearly taken this into close consideration with their line of beautiful non-toxic mattresses for babies and toddlers. The highly coveted Nook Pebble, a natural crib mattress (albeit premium at $599), is rife with features parents love: a unique pebbly and colourful surface, natural materials (organic wool and cotton), no off-gassing, and nano-level particles that make it stain and water resistant. And the bumps actually do serve a functional purpose – they help facilitate better airflow and temperature regulation, so baby sleeps better. Besides, it looks so good, you don’t even need a mattress cover!

For those wanting to spend a little less, take a peek at the recently launched Nook Lite. Lite comes with the same great look (pebbles and great colours), but a few things have changed: the materials used aren’t organic and they use a non-toxic foam core instead of natural latex. But like the pebble, it’s comfortable, hypoallergenic and washable. Dual-sided too, so it’s firm for babies, and softer for bigger kids. But the end result is a mattress that weighs and costs less!


Above: Nook Pebble Organic Mattress -$545-$599


Above: Nook Pebble Lite Crib Mattress - $295


Above: Inner Nook Pebble Crib Mattress


Above: Nook Pebble Twin Mattress -$695


Above: Nook Lilypad Playmat -$120


Looking for some helpful mattress buying tips? Check out BabyCentre.


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