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11th March, 2010
Magical Kids Rooms Made Easy

These simple graphic decals are a great backdrop for many occasions of joyful play. And hey, what little boy doesn’t want to live in a pirate’s den? My 5 year old son has a current (and constant) preoccupation with anything remotely pirate-like: eye patches, billowy shirts and tearing through the house screaming like a mad man.

These gorgeous and colourful giant wall decals from Australian company, My Munchkin Home, are a wonderful (and inexpensive) way for your child to feel engaged with their surroundings. And to boot, when you’re sick of them they’re easily removed. Liven up a basement, bathroom or bedroom. Perfect for those of us who find it difficult to paint, wallpaper, or just generally aren’t creatively inclined. Your child will most definitely be impressed.

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