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26th March, 2012
The Multi-Tasking Maamam Aacua Towel Wrap

There’s very little a parent loves more than a multi-use product. Maamam, a clever design company out of San Francisco clearly understands this, and has launched a series of well-designed, functional products that are genius at multi-tasking. Bath time at our house is not something to be taken lightly – with 3 kids and a dog, it often means going through a number of towels and rarely does anyone (especially me) end up dry. That’s why this product is so appealing. The 4-in-1 aacua is a supremely soft and versatile towel: it serves as an apron to keep you dry while bathing baby, a towel for drying, a babywrap to keep your baby safe and warm (no more reaching for towels), and a bathwrap for toddlers. Plus, it’s 100% cotton terry with a beautiful clean design.

Bath time just got a whole lot easier and a lot more fun! Available at Amazon $42.00



For a video demonstration, watch here:

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