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22nd April, 2010
An affordable eco-mattress

This is a great find and for me a little unexpected. I was looking for mattresses for my sons twin beds, but wanted something eco-friendly that wouldn’t bankrupt us. Going completely organic was a nice thought but not an option. I was completely surprised to find that Ikea mattresses have all been PBDE free since 2002. Their Sultan Erfjord (the most expensive one at $849 for a twin) is made from 85% natural latex, silk, eco-cotton, and wool. Easy and flexible to get up to our second floor, resistant to dust mites, and exceptionally comfortable (just ask my husband who i now have to drag from my childrens’ beds each night). I think it might be time to start saving for one myself!

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4th July,2011  

Does anyone know if this mattress is still available through IKEA?

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