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25th June, 2012
A Delivery Gownie To Call Your Own

Everyone has their own unique vision of what their delivery day will look like – for me it definitely included not sharing my naked backside with the world at large. I remember while in the throes of labour, being passed two enormous old hospital gowns to slip into, one with the strings to the front, one with the strings to the back, just to keep everything under wraps. Honestly, with everything else you have to think about in preparation for the big day – what you’re wearing shouldn’t be one of them.

The clever team at Gownies have figured this out. With Cameron Diaz and Elizabeth Banks sporting their gorgeous delivery gowns in “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”, gownies have become quite the rage. And why not, they look great. Made of 100% cotton or organic cotton, they come in three generously cut sizes — so you’re comfortable, not swimming in material. Simple snaps don the back and front shoulder panels for easy access and breastfeeding. You can even get matching pillow cases.

Our favourite is the black & white organic cotton Ella, with just a shot of raspberry color on the trim. But not to worry, with fourteen different designs, there’s something for everyone!






Elizabeth Banks in the Nicole Gownie in “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”


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You can purchase Gownie designs at and keep up with all baby things hip and happening at Rachel Florio-Urso

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