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For most of my childhood, Dad’s Day meant heading to the local drugstore to pick up yet another Old Spice Soap-On-A-Rope. Sweet man that he is, my father welcomed each new bar with the same sense of surprise and glee as the last. So, in honour of all the amazing men in our lives, this Sunday is all about celebrating Dad’s very special qualities, and more importantly, big-time pampering. That means: coffee in bed, handmade cards, buttermilk pancakes, and maybe even an afternoon of golf.

And for those looking to slip a little extra something under Dads pillow – we’ve hand-picked a few goodies. Just remember, if all else fails, there’s always soap-on-a-rope!

Above: Frends Headphones, The Light Premium Denim, $98.00




Above: Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug, Starting at $19.99


Above: JCrew Japanese Chambray Short-Sleeve Shirt, $88.00



Above: 1955 Vintage Omega Seamaster $795 Ebay


Above: Ernest Alexander Weekender Durable, stylish and wax coated. Starting at $395



Above: Jenn Grant, The Beautiful Wild , Great Weekend Music, $9.99



Above: Midori Pencils, Starting at $24.50



Above: Old Spice Vintage Soap-On-A-Rope, Ebay, $30.00


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Feeling like yourself during pregnancy is no mean feat, especially when it comes to maintaining your trusted style. But who says you have to pack away your favourite blazer or jean jacket? Keeping in mind the principles of comfort, cut, and fabric – our editors have picked their Top 10 favourite looks for this season!


Skinny stretch jeans and oversized white shirt (photo:rainy day women tumblr)

A Rockin Striped Cotton Shirt (photo:

amymichelle’s Gladiola Bag (photo:amazon)

A Handy Accessory – Virginia Johnson Scarf (


Thyme Maternity’s Straight Leg Maternity Jean


Maternal America’s Kelly Jacket


Swedish Hasbeens – Cute Red Peep Toe Pump


Best Ever Drawstring Pants (photo: Gap Maternity)


Jean Jacket Coolness (photo: Gap Maternity)


The Perfect Evening Shirt Dress (Photo: Hatch Maternity)


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To say that I am a fan of the Canadian textile designer Virginia Johnson would be a gross understatement. Her entire collection of scarves, bags, bedding, pillows and jackets all carry her signature style of colourful and whimsical prints. Each piece a work of art.

And while this blog post may seem a little premature, given the snow is only just melting — I couldn’t resist. Baby’s First Bikini pants in lightweight cotton and available in a variety of colours and prints.

Who wouldn’t welcome such a stylish sign of spring?


Bikini -100% cotton $40




For more on Virginia Johnson, check out our 2011 blog post: Cool Styles For Mom


26th September, 2012

The End of Toy Fatigue

Problem One: Late at night when your children are tucked away in their beds, their toys get together and multiply until they are overflowing from every drawer, shelf and toybox that was intended to contain them.

Problem Two: Except for those few designated “favorite toys”, every other item seems to be enjoyed for a week or two before it is discarded in a back corner collecting dust and goldfish crumbs.

Problem Three:  Toys have become crazy expensive!

Solution…SparkBox Toys, a smart subscription service designed for parents of children from 6 months to 4 years old.  It’s so simple, in fact, it’s genius (yet another one of those “we wish we’d thought of it” ideas). Just set up an account and answer a few questions about your child.  Then, SparkBox personalizes and ships a box to you filled with at least 4 high quality toys matched to your child’s developmental needs.

You can keep the toys for 4 weeks or more.  When your little one tires of them, just return the box, and get a completely new set of toys shipped to you free of charge.  If you’re a bit squeamish about the idea of recycling toys with strangers, they reassure us that all toys are examined, cleaned and sanitized through a 5-step process.

Not only are you getting the curated expertise of child development experts to foster learning and discovery for your children, but you are supercharging playtime and keeping the interest going with a fresh replenishment of toys every 4 weeks or so.  You certainly save money, save space, and while you’re at it, helping to save the planet too – this is definitely value-added recycling.  And, with a selection of award-winning toys from companies like P’Kolino, tegu, plan toys, Toys with Integrity, Around Square, Brainy Baby, and GeoMag – you’re getting access to the best of the best for a fraction of the price to buy.

The co-founders have stated that their goal is to ignite imagination and curiosity in every child – enough to fuel a lifelong passion for learning.  That sounds pretty good to us.


Enter SBTSCOOP when you sign up for a SparkBox Toys Subscription


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